Master Paving Alberta has been servicing the Edmonton area and surrounding neighborhoods for over 40 years. Our company began in 1975 and as of today, continues to provide excellent quality, and outstanding services.

When it comes to site work preparation, we understand the importance of quality as it impacts the entire project. We offer services such as excavation, site grading, subgrade preparation and granular base construction. In addition to proper material selection, it is crucial the material is placed, graded and compacted properly to ensure the longevity of your project. Proper site preparation provides an excellent start to guarantee accurate drainage and an ideal surface for the perfect finished product.


Whether your project is an industrial, commercial or a residential project, we provide excavation and site grading services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We will help with a plan to ensure proper drainage and follow necessary guidelines for the property. Our fully trained team provides impeccable attention to detail when it come to site grading services.

Master Paving - Site Grading
Master Paving - Sub Grading


Sub-grade is the native material, or formation level, underneath a constructed road or pavement. It’s important when developing sites that the sub-grade underneath is properly construct and graded, to ensure the performance and longevity of the asphalt pavement product. High-quality results begin with the high-quality preparation of your pavement’s foundation.


Equally as important as the sub-grade preparation and excavation is the granular base preparation of your site. The granular base is comprised of highly compacted granular particles ranging from coarse aggregate to fine. The granular structure provides additional strength and stability to the overall pavement structure that helps ensure a long term product is constructed.

Master Paving - Granular Base
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